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Humanize accessibility

Humanize accessibility for your team.

  • Cover accessibility and inclusive design issues when conducting user research. Consider the native language, literacy, digital literacy, and digital access of your users as well as potential visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive disabilities.
  • Incorporate accessibility considerations in your personas, user archetypes, or user stories. This could take the form of swapping out accessibility issues in your personas or creating standalone user stories focused on accessibility.
  • Help your team learn about the experience of using your product with assistive technology. (Keep in mind that the way a person with a disability uses assistive tools may be very different from your experience of the tools.) This could include:
    • Ask each person on your team to turn off their mouse and trackpad and navigate the product using only their keyboard.
    • Under System Preferences > Accessibility > Display, check the grayscale box and explore your site without color to simulate color blindness.
    • Find an appropriate empathy prompt and walk your team through it.
  • When possible, include users with disabilities in user research. During usability testing, make sure to allow them to use their own equipment (which has their own settings already in place).


Personas for Accessible UX