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Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site.


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Are you using accurate headings on your page?

Why it’s important: Lalit is blind and uses a screen reader to navigate the web. She hears an outline of the page's main ideas, then backtracks to read the parts she's most interested in.

Steps to take

  • Headings briefly describe the section it introduces. Headings represent an outline of the content.
  • Use h1h6 to define your section headings, where h1 is the highest section level and h6 is the lowest.
  • Avoid skipping heading levels: Always start with h1, use h2 next, and so on.
  • Use only one h1 per page for the page title.

*While HTML5 allows you to reset headings to h1 on new section elements, some screen reader users will have difficulty discerning the structure of pages with multiple h1s. For this reason, it’s best to include only one h1 per page.


Video tutorial: Using headings
Video tutorial: How I do an accessibility check (page structure)

WCAG 2.0 references

2.4.6 Headings and Labels