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Do your images have descriptive alt text?

Why it’s important: Carmen’s page didn’t load all the way and didn’t get to download the images.

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Amanda is blind and uses a braille reader to understand the contents of images.

John is looking for information with a search engine and needs help being directed to the right content (descriptive alt tags will improve search).

Steps to take

  • Include meaningful information describing each image in the alt text.
  • Use null (empty) alt text when text describing the image is already on the page (alt="").
  • Don’t start the alt text with Image of or Photo of – the screen reader already announces that images are images.
  • If the image is decorative and you don’t want the screen reader to announce it at all, use null (empty) alt text (alt="").


Video tutorial: Text alternatives

WCAG 2.0 references


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