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Easy-to-parse graphic elements

Can you easily interpret content associated with graphic elements?

Why it’s important: Marisa primarily uses her mobile device to browse websites and has trouble interpreting visualizations with small text.

Steps to take

  • Include visual elements in line with text rather than separated from it; a graphic’s proximity to associated content helps reinforce the relationship between the visual and its written description.
  • Make sure all graphics have descriptive captions (if necessary). Also make sure that captions share a common form and voice.
  • Include meaningful information describing each graphic element in the alt text.
  • Use null (empty) alt text when text describing the graphic element is already on the page (alt="").
  • If the graphic element is decorative and you don’t want the screen reader to announce it at all, use null (empty) alt text (alt="").
  • Consider presenting dense technical language in a format other than as part of a graphic. When compressed to mobile view (in other words, a harder-to-read format), graphs and charts with technical language can be tough to interpret.

WCAG 2.0 references


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